Welcome to the Puget Sound Amateur Wine and Beermakers Club

The objectives of the Puget Sound Amateur Wine and Beer makers Club are to foster a general interest in wines and beers and to give club members a means of exchanging information on wine making and beer making methods, materials and equipment. Meetings are held monthly on the first Friday evening. Meetings start off with a social period where members share their wine and beer in conversation followed by a great potluck and then there is a short business meeting, technical seminar/discussion, or a guest speaker. We end the meeting with a raffle of items brought and donated by members. There are over 120 club members and a typical monthly meeting has 50 – 65 attendees.

Our General Club Meetings are held the 1st Friday of each month at the Federal Way Senior Center, 4016 So. 352nd Street, Auburn, WA 98001 (except July). Our General Meeting is a potluck where each member or couple brings an appetizer, a main dish, side dish, casserole, salad, or dessert to share. Members also bring their own table setting of plates, flatware and wine glasses. There are some special themes during the year for special table decorations and main dishes, such as, Veteran’s Day, Christmas, Valentines, St Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo.

The next General Meeting is Friday, November 4th, starting at 6:30pm at the Federal Way Senior Center. Normally, each attendee brings a bottle of wine or beer to share on the open bar. If you want to bring an extra bottle for your table that is encouraged too. The important thing is that there is a variety of wines to taste and share comments with each other about. This is an opportunity for members  to get feedback on their own homemade wine or beer.

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Ginkgo Forest Winery: Ancient Lakes: 2014

Ginkgo Forest Winery: Ancient Lakes: 2014

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Annual Club Picnic: Swiss Park: 2013

Annual Club Picnic: Swiss Park: 2013

Washington State Fair 30th Annual Amateur Wine and Beer Competition

Wine Competition Results 2016 – Listed by Entrant’s Name

Beer Competition Results 2016 – Listed by Entrant’s Name

Wine Competition Results 2015 – Listed by Entrant’s Name

Wine Competition Results 2015 – Listed by Categories

Beer Competition Results 2015

WineMaker Magazine Amateur Wine Competition 2016- Results

Annual In-House Wine and Beer Competition

The In-House Wine and Beer Competition held each year gives members an opportunity to try their special techniques to produce a winning product to be evaluated by a panel of judges. In most years and categories the grapes, fruit and berries are gathered from the same source on the same day so everyone has equal opportunity with the raw materials. It is up to each individual to ferment a unique product by using different treatments such as;  yeasts, temperatures, chemicals, sugars, extra fermentations etc. to make their wine or beer the winning entry for the year.

The winner of 1st place has their name imprinted on the Club Plaque for posterity and they get to keep the plaque for a year of personal display and bragging rights.

In-House Wine and Beer Competition WINNERS November 2015:

White Wine – Viognier: David Hobson

Fruit – Local Plum: Dawne Swanson

Beer – Pilsner: Grace Nillson

Next In-House Wine and Beer Next Competition November 2016:

Red – 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, White – 2015 Sauvignon Blanc, Fruit – 2015 Apricot


Competition winners for 2014. Michael Stacey presented the wine awards and thanked Peter DeGray for making a new plaque to accommodate White Grape Wines as a separate category.

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The winners for 2014 were:

2012 Pinot Noir, 1st Jerome Robbins, 2nd Jerry Wheeler, 3rd John Falkowski

2013 Pinot Gris, 1st Dawne Swanson, 2nd Jerome Robbins, 3rd Michael Stacey

2012 – 2013 Wild Blackberry, 1st Jerry Wheeler, 2nd Grace Nilsson, 3rd Grace Nilsson

2014 Beer, American Pale Ale: 1st John Falkowski, 2nd Grace Nilsson, 3rd Dave Hobson

The winners for 2013 were:


1st Place: Jerome Robbins, 2nd Place: Suzanne Johnson/Peter DeGray, 3rd Place: Gabrielle Gibbert


1st Place: Michael Stacey, 2nd Place: Ellie Martinez, 3rd Place: Grace Nilsson


WineMaker Magazine Amateur Wine Competition 2015The largest amateur competition in world


Jerome Robbins for his Gruner Veltliner 2012:  GOLD MEDAL

David Hobson for his Lemberger 2011:   GOLD MEDAL


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